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ERILOS TRADING CO. provides exciting products from overseas to people in Japan.

ERILOS TRADING CO. is engaged in the business that discovers great products and services overseas and provides Japanese customers with a fulfilling life 

Are you thinking that entering the Japanese market is difficult?

We fully support foreign companies to enter the Japanese market, working with the partner who is best marketing, advertising, sales, and logistics in Japan. 


Signed a partnership agreement with Yubiken Co., Ltd., sponsored by the Makuake official ambassador Mr. Hideaki Otake, who has a lot of import and sales record in Japan, we discover excellent products at overseas trade fairs and develop the products until the products create stable sales in the Japanese retail market that is hard to difficult to enter.



Delivering exciting overseas products to Japan

We directly negotiate with overseas manufacturers to import products that are not released in Japan. 
Just as there are many good Japanese products, there are many products in the world that make you feel happy. 
Among them, we will specifically deliver advanced products and exciting products to you.

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Making the best use of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is getting more and more attention at the days go by. 
We proactively use crowdfunding to make our products known to many people and enhance the brand value. 
With the support of crowdfunding, we provide exciting products at a special price faster than anywhere else.


Sales channel

We sell wholesale to mass retailers and retailers, collaborate with domestic manufactures, and sell online on EC sites such as Amazon and Yahoo shopping. 

We strive to provide our products to as many customers as possible. 

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